Local newspaper quotes Attorney Fine on new marijuana rules


Councilors talking licenses, zoning for marijuana shops

  • By Ray Lamont Staff Writer

The owners of two local smoke and paraphernalia shops say they’re not worried about a six-month delay in the state’s time frame for selling marijuana over the counter for recreational purposes.

Meanwhile, Gloucester officials are already grappling over whether the city should wait for any new state actions or begin preparing now to regulate local pot sales. State law would allow for nine or more shops selling pot in the city.

Meredith Fine, chair of the local Licensing Board, said no one has yet approached the Licensing Board to discuss the issue.

“So, at this point, we haven’t had any reason to consider yet what our role would be — if any,” said Fine, a local attorney who also heads the Board of Directors for the Sawyer Free Library.

“The underlying reason for liquor regulation was related to Prohibition,” she added, “so we have these kind of old-fashioned alcohol regulations that are based on keeping the alcohol free of organized crime. But I’m not sure what the underlying reason for the Licensing Board to regulate marijuana would be. My instinct is we would treat it like any other retail business.”